Caleb Seibert


Caleb Seibert received his undergraduate degree in music education and music performance at Rhode Island College. Through a CCRI grant program, he is working towards his Early Childhood Teaching Certificate. Caleb has taught art, music, band, recorder and guitar ensemble at the elementary level for the town of Portsmouth. Now in his fifth year as a teacher at Mariposa, Caleb brings his passions for the outdoors, gardening, culinary exploration, and music to the classroom.

“I believe in a child-centered curriculum that encourages children to explore, investigate and play in a warm and nurturing environment. ┬áMariposa provides these qualities in beautiful indoor and outdoor play spaces filled with wonder, love and supportive teachers. Through working closely with families, Mariposa is able to support the blossoming of each child. When children are safe and nurtured, they feel free to explore the environment around them. Through this exploration they learn and kindle the inner flame within. It has been an amazing journey to be a part of this unfolding!”