Our Philosophy

Our core values and practices are based on the fundamental notion that every child is an individual with her or his own strengths and passions, and that the first seven years are crucial in providing the foundation for a lifetime of learning and personal growth.

We believe…

  • every child deserves a learning environment that nurtures, encourages, and allows each child to explore and develop according to her or his own timetable and interests—planting the seeds for a love of learning by fostering confidence, creativity, and curiosity.
  • family involvement in early education is essential in fostering a passion for learning and exploration in young children, both at home and in school, and in encouraging healthy choices in all aspects of life.
  • sensory experiences, movement opportunities, and quality of relationship are central to learning, all modeled by empathetic and creative teachers.
  • child-initiated play is essential, and that through play, children generate knowledge of the world and develop skills for lifelong learning.
  • a child’s innate capacities are best developed through creative play, practical life activities, the arts, and experiences in nature.
  • a learning atmosphere based on the values of self-regulation, empathy, respect, and problem-solving, is key to social growth and a just society that embraces teachers, children, families, and community.