End of Year Celebration

EndofYearCelebrationOur end of year celebration was a wonderful mixture of circle games, bubbles, music and food. Each child ran under the rainbow bridge silk cloth and into their family’s open arms. We were sad to say goodbye to our recent graduates, but are excited to prepare for a new year. We look forward to meeting our new children and families, and staying in touch with our alumni!

Our classroom welcomed the spring sunshine with water, water, water! In our pine forest, children worked hard filling their buckets with water from the gigantic tubs. The teachers could hardly keep up! Lakes were dug and filled in the sandbox, gardens were watered, and even the quality of the “ice cream” in our “ice cream stand” was better mixed with a bit of water. Some enterprising children made a mud pie bakery and “sold” their delicacies, with everyone working together with camaraderie and joy.

Most afternoons we were outside at the picnic table for snack. The children liked throwing the banana peels and apple cores right into our compost bin and giving it a couple of turns before running off to continue their play. One exciting afternoon we crossed the street to the creamery and ate our cones under the rainbow umbrellas. That was a treat!

Inside our classroom, we were counting down the days to our end- of-year celebration. Everyone voted on which songs we would perform for their families. Once again, the children worked together with fairness and much laughter. There was a lot of “do you remember the Squirrel Nutkin song?”and “Remember that dragon that gnawed on that tree and then couldn’t bite anymore?”