Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!


The adventures of summer are now precious memories and the start of the school year is here. Based on the bustle of activity, thoughtful planning, teacher preparation, and an excellent week of professional development, I am excited about what has all the makings of a rewarding, positive and forward looking year.


As we do each year at the close of our professional development week the teachers and administration gather in a circle to offer wishes, share inspirational quotes and messages of intent for the school year. This thoughtful approach and attention to detail by our teachers is just one of the many things that sets Mariposa apart from other early childhood organization.

When the children walked through our doors on their first day they were captivated by the wonder of the classroom. Many of them came ready to play and explore and quickly adopted the space as their own.

2E2A5739Mariposa programs bring young children into contact with nature and provide beautiful classrooms where children can explore and play together imaginatively. Through stories, songs, art experiences, cooking and handwork activities, adventures, crafts, and games all expertly woven into the rhythm of the day our teachers are fostering a wonderful sense of community, which will be carried throughout the year.

We have so many wonderful events to share with you this year, the opening of our new modular classroom to create a community campus, celebrating our ten year anniversary, and continuing to educate and inspire children to think, feel, and act with depth, imagination, and purpose.

I hope you will follow along with our amazing journey!

All the best,