Welcome to the 2015-16 School Year

Yellow the bracken, golden the sheaves
Rosy the apples, crimson the leaves.
Mist on the hillside, clouds grey and white
Autumn good morning,
Summer good night.
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!

The adventures of summer are now precious memories and the start of the school year is here! Based on the bustle of activity, thoughtful planning, teacher preparation, and an excellent week of professional development, I am excited about what has all the makings of a very rewarding, positive and forward looking year.I, like so many, love this time of year. Autumn is beginning to make its arrival; little bursts of color can be seen among the lush greenery of the trees. A light sweater is required for an evening walk and cool, dewy mornings but, by midday, the summer sun is so prevalent it warms the children as they gather acorns on the playground and prepare the gardens for the cooler weather.

As I do every year, when we are preparing for the children to arrive, I take a walk through each classroom. Silently, I trace a path through the office, into the classrooms, playgrounds, and gardens. On this quiet journey, I see cradled babies tucked in gently, books lovingly displayed in the library, the yellow silks adorning the windows to capture the last of the summer sun, the comfortable corners and toys carefully arranged to inspire play, the bread baking ingredients are ready to be kneaded, plants waiting to be tended and the names of each child waiting eagerly to be found the next morning. As I move through the space I can see the love and the intention for each and every detail and know that the classroom teachers have also taken this silent walk to assure that every child is welcomed into a warm, loving and meaningful classroom that is filled with wonder, curiosity and opportunities for the year to come.

All of this planning and attention to detail have helped us create an amazing start to the school year. The children walked through our doors on that first day into the wonder of the classroom and quickly adopted the space as their own. Warm teacher interactions, stories, songs, art and handwork activities, games and carefully selected materials are woven throughout the rhythm of the day to foster a wonderful sense of community, which will be carried throughout the year and beyond.

Mariposa relies on the generous donations of time, talent, and financial resources from our community to fulfill our mission and close the gap between tuition and the full cost of an education at The Mariposa Center. The generosity of our community has allowed the school to be accessible to families of many economic circumstances and increases our capacity to serve more children and families.The Annual Giving Fund is a critical part of everything we do. Our goal this year is $130,000. Every dollar goes to work immediately, helping to cover the daily expenses of running our school.

Since 2007, Mariposa has laid amazing groundwork for the lives our children will create. The integrity of their childhood has been protected, their imaginations have been fed, beauty has been presented to them time and time again, and their bodies have spent countless hours stretching, moving, and playing.

Then, as now, our priorities remain the same; funding our programs, providing scholarships to families in need and giving children a strong early foundation for life long learning, are at the heart of all that we do.

We hope you will consider joining others in your community in supporting our important work and make a tax-deductible gift today to help us continue providing quality early childhood education and support to the children and families in our program.

We are grateful for your gift, and genuinely appreciate every dollar we receive.

With warm wishes,


Summer News


Come bright butterfly, close to me,
Your beautiful wings I should like to see.
You fly like a bird, you sip like a bee,
But you’re really a flower the wind set free!


What an amazing year we have had at Mariposa! I am so pleased to share with you some of the wonderful work being done at Mariposa with your support and generosity!

This year we opened an additional classroom, one that serves 18 children ages 3-5 in a full day, full year program providing more children and families with access to a community program focused on play, social-emotional growth and an appreciation for nature and language development.

David Sobel, renowned author, professor at Antioch University, and play-based education advocate visited our program to learn more about our urban based, nature-inspired curriculum. As a result, we were invited to collaborate on several exciting educational and professional development events. Most recently, presenting at the In Bloom: Promising Practices in Nature-Based Education conference in Boston.

In May 2015, the Mind and Life Institute, invited our team of professionals to participate in a Call to Care, a new educational research initiative inspired by their co-founder, the Dalai Lama. [Read more…]

Winter Wishes



“King Winter is in the land. He reigns with a cold and freezing hand. He makes Jack Frost touch nose and toes and brings us white and shining snow.”

As we prepare to say good-bye to 2014 and welcome in 2015, all of us at Mariposa hope that your holidays have been festive and bright! We hope that as you usher in the New Year, you will take a moment to consider making an end of the year donation to the children and families of Mariposa.

This past year has been a year of growth, new energy and renewal for Mariposa and we eagerly anticipate what the New Year will hold.

Your support is helping Mariposa build a community of lifelong learners who are poised for success as they journey through school and life. With your generosity, we will continue to touch the lives of some of Providence’s most at-risk children and families with our transformative early childhood programs.

As always, thank you for your continued support, for believing in Mariposa and helping us achieve our vision!

With warm wishes for a peaceful and joyous New Year!

Feeling Grateful


“I think a hero is any person really intent on making this a better place for all people.”
~Maya Angelou

As Thanksgiving nears, the seasons shift and darkness nimbly and imperceptibly lengthens the night’s stride, I find myself reflecting on the past year at Mariposa.

In September we saw the opening of our Community Preschool and the arrival of our new students and their families, October brought with it plenty of warm days for exploring in the meadow, and then there were the November days that just begged to be spent outdoors, soaking up the sun, raking the leaves and rolling down the hills. Now with the time change, cooler weather and the realization that the holiday season, New Year and future are coming toward us faster than ever, I find myself wanting to hold still for a moment and remember the past.

I want to stay in the warm embrace of autumn, listen to the children sing songs about the Autumn Tree, watch as they prepare the garden beds for sleep and enjoy the fragrance of freshly baked bread they kneaded with their hands.

But of course, time will not stand still, so neither will we. We will continue to move forward, dance with the future and create memories that become the stories of our past.  Here at Mariposa, when we think of those stories, we think of you, for you are all a part of the Mariposa Story.

Without you, there would be no Mariposa, and for this we are truly grateful!
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Welcome Back!

Enews pic Prek Picture

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

We certainly have some wonderful and imaginative play happening at Mariposa! Welcome to the 2014-2015 Mariposa school year! We thank all of you who have been following us on our journey through the years and welcome new members to our Mariposa Community!

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End of Year Celebration

EndofYearCelebrationOur end of year celebration was a wonderful mixture of circle games, bubbles, music and food. Each child ran under the rainbow bridge silk cloth and into their family’s open arms. We were sad to say goodbye to our recent graduates, but are excited to prepare for a new year. We look forward to meeting our new children and families, and staying in touch with our alumni!

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Winter Greetings!


Class resumed in January, with all the children seemingly an inch or more taller. We jumped right in to stories, drawing, sewing and working with clay in the classroom. If you peeked at us during our outside time you would see us shoveling and sledding, woodworking, following animal tracks and skating on an enormous field of ice in what we refer to as our “meadow.”

Our winter days are a flurry of activities! We invite you to spend time in our classroom and see the amazing things that the children are doing. Last week, we learned about winter birds and animal shelters in the winter. Since there is nothing better than warm food on a cold day, snacks now include hot stone soup, warm bread, sweet porridge and homemade applesauce. Yum!

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A New School Year Begins

NewSchoolYearWe were so excited to open our doors in September and see the eager and smiling faces of our new students and their families. This is Mariposa’s fifth year offering Providence children and their families a unique and exceptional Pre-Kindergarten program, and we are looking forward to an amazing year filled with friends, fun, learning, discovery and exploration!

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