A Pre-School Success Story in Providence

GoLocalProv article by Julia Steiny

Today, a 4-year-old charmer we’ll call Jason will tell a story all by himself. When Mariposa Pre-School’s Head Teacher, Meghan McDermott asks if I can listen in too, his face lights up like post-rain sunshine. I double his captive audience. He likes attention. For two weeks, Mariposa Pre-school, in Providence, immerses their class of core-urban 4-year-olds in a story. They read and discuss it for a little over a week. Then they give it a rest for a day. McDermott collects props from Mariposa’s wealth of toys available for fantasy play, and assembles the story’s scene on a special table. Over two days, each child tells the story in his or her own words. They can fetch another prop if they feel it’s necessary. The story is now their own.

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